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Balneário Gaivota receberá evento com balões

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Está confirmado para acontecer nesta sexta-feira, dia 15, a partir das 22 horas, o Night Glow de Balneário Gaivota, um show noturno de balonismo na beira da praia. O evento ocorre pela primeira vez na cidade e vai contar com quatro balões. Chamado de “brilho da noite”, o festival é gratuito e vai se concentrar entre as ruas 7 e 8.

"Serão quatro balões com pilotos de Torres, cada um medindo aproximadamente 30 metros", explica Murilo Gonçalves, principal organizar do evento. Segundo Murilo, o festival já acontece em Torres e a ideia foi trazer a beleza dos balões também para a região. "Os balões iluminados deixam o ambiente muito bonito", adianta o organizador, que também é piloto.

Filzmoos International Balloon Festival

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The 37th International DOPGAS Balloon Trophy with around 40 balloon teams from all over the world. On Sunday 10th January 2016 the glowing balloons dominate Filzmoos. The varying shapes and patterns of the colourful balloons are lit up in tune to the music choreography in the evening sky above the picturesque village. A mixture of winter wonderland, starry skies and glowing balloons make a spectacular sight. The atmosphere hots up with mulled wine, jagatee, tasty snacks and cool music. A grand firework display rounds off a fantastic evening. The Kids' Balloon Day is on Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 3.00 pm on the Hammerwiese launch site. Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days and the high demand for tickets and accommodation it is recommended to check hotel rooms well in advance. 

New generation eco-balloons promise a greener future

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The growing popularity of hot air ballooning has raised questions about the environmental impact of the sport.

Hot air balloons use natural gas to heat the air that lifts them and a typical hour-long flight can consume up to 100 litres - that's enough to drive a car for more than 1,000 kilometers.

The world's largest manufacturer, Spain-based Ultramagic Balloons, says it has tackled the problem by developing a two-layered, more efficient eco-friendly design.

The company's eco-balloons use a specially-developed silver fabric on the outside and include a lightweight insulation layer.

"The main benefit is the fuel saving," said Jordi Diaz Casaubon, an aeronautical engineer at Ultramagic.

"You can save up to about 50%, so this gives you two options: fly cheaper or you can have more capacity [to fly further] in a single flight."

Ultramagic worked with German company Festo to test and develop the special insulated fabric used in the new balloons.

In a controlled test, a balloon made from the new fabric consumed less than a third the gas of a normal hot air balloon.

Although it makes the balloon more expensive - around $100,000 - the company said the insulation layer makes them stronger and longer-lasting.

"Each batch of fabric that we receive we do a stress test, just to check," said Neus Llado Gambin, an engineer at Ultramagic.

"In theory our supplier already checks it that it is good, but we also check before we send it to the customer."

The company has also been working on technology to make the sport safer, developing a smartphone app to track and log flights in real time and a monitor that alerts a pilot if the balloon comes too close to power lines.

Only a few of the 200 balloons Ultramagic makes each year are made with the new fabric, but the company hopes its environmental credentials will help make it more attractive to both hobbyists and those running professional ballooning trips.

Tashi: o balão com as cores da bandeira do Tibete

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Trata-se da maior representação da bandeira tibetana existente no mundo, inaugurado em julho de 2015 na Espanha, em uma grande cerimónia no mosteiro budista de Garraf (perto de Barcelona).

Estará participando do festival de balonismo na cidade italiana de Mondovi, entre os dias 08 e 10 de janeiro.